Omaha Burgers

IMG_6863A well crafted burger is an amazing find. I was on a search around Omaha and the Old Market to find that burger. It has to have flavor in a thick beef patty, a bun that doesn’t end up mushy and options to make it your own. You can read all my reviews on Yelp.

The best burger in the Old Market is definitely the Tavern Burger at Jackson Street Tavern. The flavor was very good and the bun held up to the contents. The venue isn’t my favorite but burgers seem hard to find in the Market.

The overall best burger and venue is experience has to be Nite Owl. The space is funky cool and they have Tots! I had the Nite Owl burger and the patty was thick and the bun was great. This has to be on your burger list.

Wilson & Washburn has a very good burger just like everything on their menu. They have the beer selection to pair with it. Their housemade thick cut chips are excellent.

Benson Brewery is also a top mention with an extensive craft beer selection to make it a stellar meal. The venue and extensive menu always make this a top selection.

Omaha Tap House was disappointing for a place that says they are known for their burgers. The patty was flat and not great. They do have a lot of options and creative burgers but for me it starts with the meat.

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What are your suggestions? Block 16? Billy Frogs? Crescent Moon?


Omaha Breweries

benson brewery omaha beer flight
Beer Flight @ Benson Brewery

I was on a mission during Omaha Beer Week to try local craft breweries. I haven’t been able to visit all of them but these are the ones I have checked off my list. You can read all my reviews on Yelp.

At the top of the list and my pick for best brewery in the O is Benson Brewery. The vibe is stellar, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, the food is outstanding and the beer is great. Jimmy Volmer is the brewmaster who brings us the solid brews.

Next, I recommend Brickway, whose craft brews have great flavor. They don’t have a kitchen but have some bar snacks. They are a brewery and distillery with their own whiskey, vodka, gin and white whiskey. They are usually busy but the staff is very nice.

I discovered Scriptown Brewery on a visit to the Blackstone district. It was a cool historic location with a solid beer menu. They also have some excellent beer cocktails. It should be on your beer bucket list.

I tried Infusion Brewery when I was in Benson. It was average and had some creative brews. The service wasn’t very good.

I stopped in at Farnham House Brewery which had a good look. I didn’t get the impression that the bar staff was very knowledgeable and the service was a little slow. I did try an amazing Maple Butter Bacon Cinnamon Roll along with a nitro stout which was a good combo. I thought the beer menu was a little strange.

I walked over to Upstream Brewery in the Old Market. I originally thought this was a national chain because it looks like an Applebees but I was told that is a local brewery. I would rather visit one of the smaller local brewhouses on this list.

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Omaha Brew

beer flight at Omaha local
Beer Flight @ Local

I think the best place to start your local craft brew journey is Local Beer, Patio & Kitchen. You can start with a beer flight from their extensive local selection. You can read all my reviews on Yelp.

The next stop should be Brickway which is our local brewery & distillery in the Old Market.

One Saturday, I stopped in at the Omaha Tap House. The food was average and the beer selection was good but not local.

You can read my list of best breweries; however, Benson Brewery should be on every beer list.

Wilson & Washburn will probably be on every list I post. Again, great beer selection but not too many local selections.

If you venture away from downtown, I highly suggest Crescent Moon Ale House for a large beer selection plus amazing food.

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Omaha Craft Cocktails

Alec Candelaria at The Boiler Room
Alec Candelaria @ The Boiler Room

I have tried a few cocktails in the Old Market & Omaha. You can read all my reviews on Yelp. I updated this review in June with more visits to help me decide.

The best mixologist in the city is definitely Alec at The Boiler Room. He has a stellar craft menu for the bar and can create anything you want.

You need to try Mercury downtown. It has a very experience staff including owners Clark and Collin. Try the innovative cocktails off the menu or ask them to create something for you.

My third recommend is Wicked Rabbit which is a secret speakeasy downtown venue. There are only about 30 seats so it can be difficult to get in.

I put Grane as a recommendation. They have an extensive collection of whiskey, scotch and spirits to taste. They create classic cocktails and unique craft cocktail creations.

Nite Owl is a top spot in the Blackstone District for creative craft cocktails. The spot is funky cool with a good menu and excellent staff. I tried the Therman Merman, Vieux Carre and the tap cocktail Ward 8.

I really enjoy the cocktails at Brickway which is close to my place. They have creations using their own whiskey, vodka and brew.

I usually end up at Wilson & Washburn because it is a comfortable friendly place. I like the Dan Allen cocktail.

You can add Harney Street Tavern to this list even though most people think of them for a cold brew. Ask Brady to create a cocktail for you.

I expected Berry & Rye to be a great experience; however, compared to other mixology pre-pro bars it wasn’t. The staff was late and pretentious.

If your looking for craft beer cocktails, I suggest Scriptown Brewery in the Blackstone District.

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